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Oct. 26th, 2004 @ 10:47 pm As per request
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Most people know halloween to be a great night to go trick-or-treating, play pranks and get dressed up. Some know the meaning behind it. The day of the dead, Samhain, and All Hallow's eve probably sound familiar. They are all basically the same day, to celebrate the same thing. To celebrate our ancestors. It also helps bring in the new year for many pagan traditions, which occurs Nov 1. Samhain, halloween, is also when the third and final harvest of the season occurs. Any crops still left in the field were considered taboo. The ever popular tradition of dressing up comes from some very old superstitions. It was said that the gates between the world of the living and the dead open. The dead can then cross into our world and cause mischief. The purpose of a costume was to fool the spirits into thinking that everyone was a spirit so that no mischief would be caused. Gate Night or Devil's night are the variations of such mischief. According to pagan custom, a single candle was lit (the origin of the jack-o-lantern) and put outside the home or in a window to guide the ancestors home. A dumb supper is then held. A dumb supper is a dinner held in silence and an extra chairs and plates are put out for the unseen guests.

So there is a brief overview of the traditions and meaning of Halloween. Hope everyone enjoys their night of mischief and fun.